Gas Leak at the Wrong Time

Blop. Blop. Blop. Not a fish. Blop. Squeak. Blop. Not a mouse. Blop. Squeak. Squeak. The sound came from below the gas stove. I stooped down to figure out its exact source. The only possible point from where such variably spaced, rhythmic, and, for a lack of words, interesting sound could come from was from … Continue reading Gas Leak at the Wrong Time

“A Nepali astronaut is called coconut”

The monkey climbed up the lamppost. It was not one of those small lampposts in a cute town, as shown in American, British, or even Indian movies. Rather, the lamppost was almost four story tall. That's what the Road Division and the Municipality had agreed on when deciding the final design of the lamppost that … Continue reading “A Nepali astronaut is called coconut”