Three Nepali Men

Three Nepali men sat next to me at a coffee shop. I tried not to overhear them. But you cannot not overhear three Nepali men. When three Nepali men meet, they make sure that everyone hears them. If it was any other day, I would have been annoyed because either I would be immersed in … Continue reading Three Nepali Men

The Patan Rooftop

Recommended audio track to accompany the reading: track: We met Sachet on a rooftop at Patan. I had not seen him for six years, although it felt way shorter than that. I was not a particularly big fan of Sachet. He had his way of wooing people but for me his performance of … Continue reading The Patan Rooftop

heart, a lack of

this town reeks of conservatism where all balconies and windows have eyes and they speak vile words despite your role as a stranger passing by and when the safe haven of 'home', of 'your place' obscures discrimination as care and as love where do you go for sanctury when you are already nobody.