Three Nepali Men

Three Nepali men sat next to me at a coffee shop. I tried not to overhear them. But you cannot not overhear three Nepali men. When three Nepali men meet, they make sure that everyone hears them. If it was any other day, I would have been annoyed because either I would be immersed in a book or I would have generally not preferred listening to other people’s business. But since the three Nepali men wanted me to hear what they had to say, I did just as they desired.

“Nobody wants to stay in this country,” said one Nepali man. He made the claim with a degree of certainty linked to the claim ‘the sun rises in the East’.

“That’s true. I was lucky to get a job right after college but now, who gets a job these days? If you want to earn a decent living, you have to get out of this place,” said another Nepali man. His shirt, probably from Ralph Lauren or Battistoni, gave a slight metaphoric shine as he adjusted himself on the red couch.

“Yes, and that’s why everyone’s in the US right now. There, 12 people live in a 4 bedroom apartment, and so they save a lot of money on rent. Why would people from a third world country care about privacy?” said the third Nepali man and the whole crowd laughed. He then sipped his 200 rupees kombucha.

This was the only part when the three Nepali men listened to each other. After that, every few words spoken by the first speaker was interrupted by the second and the second’s words would be interrupted by the third. I tried to understand what they were doing but their performance was beyond my comprehension.

I stood up and walked away. I could not deal with these three Nepali men. Nobody can deal with Nepali men, not even themselves.

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