When Did You Wake Up?

I opened my eyes, right at 7:41 am.

For some, waking up then would mean an utterly late start to the day. Some of those people would, perhaps, have to wake up early, walk a few minutes or maybe hours, and get a gagri of water. To wake up at 7:41 am would mean to either sacrifice the day’s worth of water or a few hours worth of labor in the sahu‘s field.

For others, the time would have been extremely early. Lazing up at noon, or maybe even a few hours after, they would wake up and head straight to the kitchen. Didi would have risen early and made them daalbhat with their favorite aalu fry and timur ko chhop, but they would still complain that the aalu was too crispy.

I do not know where I fall within this spectrum. That has been a question that I always had. And if I were to tell myself that some questions, like these, do not require an answer, that would be an utter lie. These questions do need an answer, and perhaps an exact response might not exist, nevertheless an approximation is always possible.

And that’s what I always did, I approximated my position within the spectrum of being able to sacrifice infinite amount of time versus not being able to sacrifice even a single second. I could wake up early and not worry about having food on the table. Mamu, didi, and hajuraama really did not have this option, for they were the ones ‘responsible’ for the food.

But even within that spectrum, the trio of food entrepreneurs (I have always found the word entrepreneur hilarious- why not call yourself an aspiring capitalist who will 1/100 of the time likely fail to be one, as the bourgeois-est among the bourgeois work to retain and grow their power while limiting who can get within their inner circle?) perhaps would not have been affected severely in any way, even if they managed to wake up a few hours late. I, perhaps, would be able to perform a sleepy scramble in the kitchen and maybe find Corn Flakes or daalmot and suffice my hunger. Maybe I would finally realize that the gendered labor practices in my household could use some change and, therefore, such turn-of-events would ‘inspire’ me to wake up early to do some work in the kitchen. It had happened once before but it did not really help for “too many cooks spoil the kitchen” literally manifested into reality. I had, therefore, started waking up at around 7:41 am when most of the food would have already been prepared.

And so here I am today, at around 8:52 am writing this. But I am curious, when did you wake up?

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