“what the fuck are we doing in clinton, new york?” i laughed. a puff of almost-frozen vapor appeared and then disappeared into thin air. i watched it vanish in front of me. the idea was funny. two brown dudes walking amidst whiteness- white people, white spaces, white snow!

“i don’t know bro. i don’t know how i ended up here. i don’t know how people like you and jamal ended up here,” he said. he was alluding to our ‘international’ status as opposed to him being from the united states.

“did you know mahesh? he was a senior when you were a first-year. i was talking to him before applying. he’s one of the reason why i’m here.”

“who the fuck is that? and what did he say that made you come here?” he really emphasized the ‘here‘. like, really emphasized. “did you worship him or something?”

“yeah, i said hayamaskiliya and he said hakapala donut and then i came here.”

he rolled his eyes. “jesus christ.”

god bless the brown jesus. he really was brown.

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