trickle down economics

“did you see the post of a black dude working in starbucks who apparently uses his biology degree to tell a fun fact about random animals to his customers?” ali asked me.

“yes, i saw it the other day on twitter.”

“yes, i watched it on linkedin — it has turned into such a weird place now — but anyway, there was someone at the comment section who said ‘what’s the use of a college degree if you are going to work in starbucks'”

“yeah, that’s kind of absurd. the degree must have cost a lot of money.”

“a hundred percent. and can you imagine, there were people making fun of that comment- ‘oh, why do you have to be so negative’, and i’m like, what the fuck,” he laughed. “the comment on the value of the degree was completely valid, you know?” he looked at me.

“yeah, it does sound like a perfectly valid critique of society,” i supported him.

“can you imagine me going and working in mcdonalds asking people to name a politician and then give them a fun fact about the person just because,” he looked at me with a half-dead smile.

and i imagined doing the same, but not with animals or politicians but with anthropologists. i laughed at the idea of it, and went back doing my reading for class. before that, i had to think about the importance of race in this context, and also the fact that i probably would not be sponsored by a fast-food restaurant to get a job in the united states. or anyone else honestly.

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