blue hair and bulaki

she sat across from me. a wine bottle, filled with water, stood in between us.

what an absurd concept- substituting water with wine.

“i don’t know what would happen if i would get a piercing. i would get thrashed by my parents,” i spoke first. “what does it feel like getting piercings, does it hurt?” my eyes followed her numerous piercings on her ears and a singular one on the left side of her nose.

“the ones at the earlobes hurt the least. the one at the top hurt a lot. i want to get one in the inner part of my ear- that should hurt the most. the nose is supposed to be one of the easier ones but it hurt when i got it pierced, probably because they used a needle. can you believe it- i could see it in front of me, it was this large!” she said, her right hand extending her index finger and her thumb to the max.

“that does sound intense”

“it was.” she went on, “i also want to wear a bulaki. aama did not like the idea. ‘why do you want to wear it?’ what a question! she and hajuraama could wear it everywhere in her times. whenever i see their pictures they had everything- bulaki, dhungri, what not, and be ramri and chitikka, and now they don’t want us to wear it. hello! you are promoting western influences!”

she paused for a bit and looked at me. “but it’s also me- i am the one with the blue hair,” she laughed as she stroke her newly dyed hair. the lush black hair that ended up with blue ends, with a shade of green at the meeting point between the two colors.

maybe water in a wine bottle was not such an absurd concept after all.

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