we were about to meet santosh ji. i asked kalyan, the only person among us three who had met him, how he was as a person.

“santosh ji? he lives in hong kong, i do not know exactly how to define him. he is very particular about what he likes and what he does not. perhaps he might not even enjoy us being there because of the hong kong lifestyle. the nepali para of meeting random people might not suit well with him”

rahul could not care less. as a person born and raised in kathmandu for twenty one years, he was well acclimatized to nepali social life. if we were together as a group, santosh ji had to meet us all, not only kalyan. i tagged along the thought and with the group.

“how would you define me then?” i asked kalyan.

“you? probably an idealist… maybe a learner and a curious person”

“i’ll take that. what about rahul?”

“he’s a jhilke

“what’s a jhilke?” inquired rahul.

“i don’t know either. it’s been a long time since i have heard the word. how do you say it in a different way?”

“maybe eccentric,” said kalyan.

“but jhilke is a very particular kind of eccentric. there are so many forms of eccentric-ism,” i said.

“that’s true,” kalyan agreed.

“but i still don’t understand what jhilke means. is it a good personality or a bad personality?” rahul chimed in.

“maybe it’s saukheen but in a good way. or maybe in a bad way- kinda flashy with their wealth but you don’t do that,” I said.

“that’s not true. i like to show off my headphones.”

“maybe we won’t truly understand what jhilke means then,” i concluded.

both of them nodded in the dark. i could not see it but i could definitely sense it.

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